Larissa Antaya

Why printing photos professionally is important

Larissa Antaya
Why printing photos professionally is important

Many photographers (including us) offer professional printing. While many also offer printing rights, here are some reasons you should definitely consider using a professional lab.

1. Sharpness

You wouldn't choose a photographer with blurry photos, so why would you choose a lab that might make your photos blurry? Many "cheap" labs don't care about whether their printing comes out like the original picture. Especially for ring shots (like the one above) it's incredibly important that your photo is in focus.

2. Color 

When you print professionally through a photographer, the photographer often has the ability to color correct photos before they are processed. Many labs have a tint to them that can leave your photos looking completely different than they originally were. We'd hope you love your photographer's editing style, so don't bargain on the photos you buy!


3. Long Lasting Quality

I ordered an album off of Shutterfly for a last-minute example for a bridal show this year. By the end of the day there were hand prints, pieces of food, and other things that I can't possibly imagine all over my album cover and pages. Not to mention that the pages are already starting to come out at the seams. Professional albums and prints are going to last a TON longer than ones you order from third party websites. Especially if you think you might have kids in the future, you don't want their dirty hands all over a crappy album.


4. More Options

Did you know that there are more options for prints than just the glossy finish? Now you do! Many professional labs also offer matte finish, or gallery boards printed on card stock. Not only do these look cool, but they last longer too!

5. Photographer Protection

If you order through your photographer, you have someone to advocate for you if your order gets messed up. Many photographers charge extra so that if something gets messed up, they can have the money to re-send you your order. While this isn't always the case, it's a great bonus for those who do offer it!